Wrist watches in the 21st century are bigger than they ever were decades ago. And it isn’t really so much about the watch case diameter than the extent of its thickness or thinness. What is the definition of a “big” watch, anyway, and aren’t men the only ones who should wear them? The woman who has always been trend-conscious will disagree.

Womens large face watches have now become de rigueur for those who have replaced their feminine timepieces with flashier and larger men’s watches. More and more women have been spotted wearing sportier and oversized watches in New York City, Paris, and Rome. Which only goes to show that these “boyfriend watches” hasn’t been “just a fad,” as some actually believed.

WHAT You Wear, WHEN You Wear It

An oversized men’s watch on a woman’s wrist has suddenly become a “classic.” Clean lines and subtle designs but bold colors are the only things which separate a man’s watch from that of a woman’s, yet even without the glittering rhinestones that characterize most women’s watches, the male timepiece looks even more sensational sans the trim and shimmer.

What you wear with womens large face watches is just as crucial as to when you wear one. Donning a Fossil Grant Chronograph, for instance, tells all and sundry that even with timepieces, your preference is for the clean and the simple. This means your other wrist should have two or three thin and delicate bracelets in any gold variant – yellow, rose or white – to remind you that you are female.

HOW to Wear It

Wear a Daniel Wellington Bristol to work and turn heads instantly. Although DW makes fantastic watches for women, the size of their men’s watches on women add to their streamlined appeal. The gold and white good looks of the Nixon Time Teller P, meanwhile, can be accented with three or four gemstone bracelets (jaded, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, etc.) on the same wrist.

If your taste is less Bohemian, however, the Michael Kors Chronograph is one of those timepieces that can very well pass off as big face watches for women without a hitch. This stunner of a navy and rose gold timepiece is perfect because it sends a message: the timepiece construction is solid and sturdy like a man yet attractive and eye-catching like a woman.

What NOT To Wear

As soon as the ladies begun wearing gentlemen’s watches, the male ego was rubbed the wrong way: men didn’t want women wearing watches bigger that what they wore which made them feel less masculine. Women, on the other, felt even more feminine when wearing men’s watches. Simply put, they are “woman” enough to carry a traditionally male accessory such as a big face watch.

Incidentally, big doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable. Some big watches are just plain tacky-looking. The rule of thumb is: there are some things you should never wear with big watches. Go have a look-see below and find out if you’re setting a trend or becoming a fashion victim with what you wear with your new favorite big face watch:

  • Rubber Bracelets: puh-lease! These went out with Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace, remember?
  • Two watches on one wrist: what’s the point, right? Unless you’re name is Justin Bieber.
  • Slap bracelets: because 1992 was almost 22 years ago.
  • Jewel-encrusted watches the size of a dessert plate: why don’t you wear the grandfather clock standing in your rich cousin’s house’s hallway next time?
  • Kabbalah strings: unless you’re Jewish (and even then they don’t even wear these).
  • A dozen or more bracelets: five is the limit. More than that then you might as well be wearing handcuff.
  • Puka shell bracelets: unless you’re in Hawaii (and even Hawaiians don’t wear them).
  • Spiked leather cuffs: unless you’re the lead singer of a punk band in a London underground club.
  • Steampunk watches: check yourself if you’re on a beat-up dirigible in an alternate universe; if not, take it off.

Some Suggestions

Still, there is a wide selection of womens large face watches that are less expensive than men’s timepieces. But instead of purchasing one of those fancy “boyfriend watches,” go for the real McCoy and get yourself a big-faced watch. Here are some suggestions which you may want to consider (in no particular order and without any prices):

1. Skagen Gitte Round Slim Mesh Strap

Large, clean, and cool, the slim mesh 14mm-width strap is a refreshing touch to this round, classic watch with just a touch of modern aesthetic depending on your preferred metallic hue (silver-tone, gold-tone or rose gold-tone plating). With a safety clasp-type closure, this watch has quartz movement, a face made of mineral crystal, and two hands in a 38mm case.

2. Casio Women’s Bezel

This pink and white big face analog watch has quartz movement, three decorative dials, easy-to-read display, bright pink trimming, and day/date/time functions. You get not only comfort with its light weight (only 0.5 lbs.) but fashion flair as well with the adjustable band and non-scratch resin material. This watch is feminine and bold without being overly “cute.”

3. Olivia Burton OB14WL39 Women’s Woodland Watch

This burgundy and rose gold large face watch from Olivia Burton is elegant to wear and beautiful to look at. This watch has a leather strap in burgundy, with its dial’s face depicting a quaint little of scene of flower and bird enclosed in a rose gold-plated case. The OB14WL39 is a watch that doesn’t scream machismo even as it retains its trendy large face feature.

4. Nixon A108 Women’s Kensington Leather Watch

Sultry yet powerful-looking, the Nixon A108 exudes understated style from the gleaming metallic leather strap’s color to the ion-plated bezel and stainless steal case. The Nixon A108’s dial face has long, sleek elongated lines for hour markers, a minimalist but elegant statement for the woman who is no-nonsense. Water resistant for up to 50m, this is one watch you can fashionably wear at the beach.

5. Gucci Unisex Interlocking G Groove Dial Leather Strap Watch, Black

Expect nothing less than understated class from Gucci, with its dial’s groove effect complimentary to the simple yet sophisticated two-hand movement. The gold tone plated bezel has been stylishly designed to fashion the Gucci iconic logo of two G’s interlocking with each other. A luxurious clasp of pin and buckle fastens with a suppleness that only a brand like Gucci provides.

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