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In life, timing is everything. Time to pray, time to eat, time to do chores, time for family and time for love..the list never stops when it comes to time. Being at the right time, at the right place brought us, the founders together as a lifetime partner and friends. With a passion for a healthy lifestyle and achieving our goals, we decided to embark on our own online business. And, of course, timing was right for us that we started this 2017.

Tawaf means to go around. We find it as a perfect match with how a clock works, with the earth and time. They all go around, henceĀ Tawaf Timepieces.

Tawaf Timepieces are a simple yet stylish timepiece. And, it comes in a variety of colours and styles. From your casual everyday watch to something you can wear for dinner functions or even to a gala!

Feel free to contact us via email at hello@tawaf.online or Whatsapp us atĀ  +6018-391 6736

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